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Green Bay Packers rock Escanaba

Nate Lehner

I had the opportunity to team up with my Buddy Nick at Floline Media to do a live shoot of the Packers tailgate party/fundraiser in Escanaba, MI.  People up their love their packers.  Running his new live camera/media switching setup, Nick had the Blackmagic ATEM recording, and broadcasting to the screen.  Super fun.  I didn't know which Pakers were going to show up but for me I was shocked to see Lynn Dickey and James Lofton get off the bus!  I remember playing football in my front yard with my brothers while wearing the Dickey #12 and Lofton #80  jerseys!  Wow did I have flashbacks!   I have to hand it to Mark Murphy and the Packers that showed up  spending hours signing autographs, and talking to the crowd with total class.


Nate Lehner

A new site has been long overdue!  Finally, after years of putting it off I'm finally underway with the new ClearView Productions webpage.  Lots of new content, images, and video will be coming soon.  Thanks for stopping by.  -nate