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Green Bay Packers rock Escanaba


Green Bay Packers rock Escanaba

Nate Lehner

I had the opportunity to team up with my Buddy Nick at Floline Media to do a live shoot of the Packers tailgate party/fundraiser in Escanaba, MI.  People up their love their packers.  Running his new live camera/media switching setup, Nick had the Blackmagic ATEM recording, and broadcasting to the screen.  Super fun.  I didn't know which Pakers were going to show up but for me I was shocked to see Lynn Dickey and James Lofton get off the bus!  I remember playing football in my front yard with my brothers while wearing the Dickey #12 and Lofton #80  jerseys!  Wow did I have flashbacks!   I have to hand it to Mark Murphy and the Packers that showed up  spending hours signing autographs, and talking to the crowd with total class.